How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon

If you want to sell on Amazon,

good reviews are not optional!

Why should you believe I know how to get good reviews? Listen to what some of the Top Reviewers on Amazon have to say! 

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“My only question to the author is who are you and how do you know us so well?”
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Why Do I Get Good Reviews?

Part of the answer is, I know how to ask.

Every seller on Amazon wants to get good reviews. But what relatively few sellers understand is that there's a definite reviewer community on Amazon with its own particular subculture. Like any group of people, this community has its own ideas about what it is and is not okay to say and do. And because this is a group of reviewers, it's especially concerned with what sellers are allowed to say and do when they set out to get good reviews.

If you want to get good reviews, there are ways to go about approaching people that the reviewers themselves will consider appropriate and professional. There are also ways of approaching reviewers that are virtually guaranteed to render you persona non grata among the entire reviewer community.

So if you want to get good reviews from these people, it helps enormously if you know what the rules are. I know the rules - what to do and say to get good reviews - because I've been reviewing on Amazon myself for years. I've spent literally thousands of hours in conversation with some of the top reviewers on Amazon.

Or, as TOP 50 REVIEWER L.M. Keefer put it: “Here's where Theo's entertaining guide comes in. Like any universe, the Amazon reviewer universe operates by certain rules, written and non-written. His clear and engaging guide to these rules will show you how to make the most effective use of your time and resources”.

But just in case you're wondering, no, I'm not close with any of the top reviewers quoted above. Noname and C. MacPhail decided to review my work on their own. The rest are all people I just approached and asked for a review using exactly the methods described in this booklet.

To be clear, nothing in this short (21,600 word) booklet will help you get good reviews if you don't have a good product to start off with. But even with a great product, you still need to know how to approach people if you want them to give you a chance. That's why I decided to write this little manual. It's an insider's guide to a world that even many reviewers call "The Amazon Jungle".

But it's not just about how to get good reviews...'s also about how to avoid the bad ones.

In the time I've spent on Amazon, I've seen a lot of authors and other sellers make the same mistakes - over and over again. In their quest to get good reviews, many sellers wind up doing things that actively damage their reputation online. This is almost always the result of failing to understand the basics of the Amazon reviewer culture. Like I said before, there are things it is absolutely not considered okay to say or do. To promote your book or any other product safely on Amazon, you need to know what the accepted standards are.

That's why this is a book as much about what not to do as what to do. It not only takes you step by step through exactly what to say and do to get good reviews: it explains which parts of the jungle are virtual minefields for sellers, and need to be approached with extreme caution, or even avoided entirely.

Remember: getting good reviews is an art, not a science, and there are never any guarantees of success. But if you know what you're doing and understand the culture on Amazon's website, it's certainly possible to greatly improve your chances of getting the good reviews you want, while reducing the risk of things going awry.  

So why do you need this book?

If you want to sell on Amazon, you will need to get good reviews to do at least some of the hard work of selling your product for you. Most of the reviews of my own book that are already up say it can be read in about an hour. And as one Kindle author wrote: " It's well worth the cost -- about the price of a latte at Starbucks -- and what I learned from the author will be invaluable as I proceed to get more reviews for my own Kindle books".

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